On 1936 November 29th some of the senior members joined together due to the initiation of Thekkekara Ittan Pylee,
an advocate and proposed to establish a Kudumba unit of Palal family for the welfare of the family members.
The senior members and Shri.Ittan Pylee organized a family get-together as Kudumba Samithi.
The president of the Kudumba Samithi was the senior and efficient member of the family and they discussed the matters pertaining to social, economic matters and the administration of Kurinji Palli.
The Samithi continued for around 7 years and due to unknown reasons the activities of samidhi could not be continued. But they could succeed in bringing out a printed family history which was a very useful document.


       As mentioned earlier Kudumbhasamithi was stopped functioning for years. During 1998, Kalappatil family a branch of Palal family thought it�s necessary to have a Kalappatil Kudumbhayogam. As small unit, their activities continued and during the year 2000, Late Shri P.I Ippora Palal took maximum interest to restart the entire Palal Kudumbhayogam. He was instrumental in bringing together few of the senior members from different branches and they attended a meeting of Kalappattil family hosted at the residence of Shri Jimmy Abraham, Palal Kalappatil, Kakkanad. In this meeting the representatives of Maliackal Kaithayil family executive committee members also attended. So it was a get together of successors of Shri.Ittan Tharakan and Chacko Tharakan. During the meeting everyone felt it necessary to restart the Palal Kudumbhayogam and decided to attend the meetings of Kaithayil family which was already in existence. Shri P.I Ippora, Palal together with other senior members decided to go ahead with the revival of Palal family association and proposed to have a meeting of the Palal family members and the same was organized during June 2000 at UP school Kurunji. The family members attended the meeting were eager and enthusiastic to restart the Kudumbhayogam. In that function the executive committee was formed as Shri.Ippora as Patron, Shri. P.I Mathew as President, Shri. Roy Peter as secretary, Shri. A.J Abraham as treasurer and Prof. Cherian Petrose as bulletin editor. The constitution for Palal family association was drafted by an expert committee and the same was passed during the first official get together held on 13th January 2001 at MGM high school Puthencruz. It was also decided to hold the annual meetings every year on the second Saturday of January and to invite the representatives from Kaithayil family Kottayam and in turn we will attend the annual meetings of Kaithayil family. This practice is being continued till now and all our members are happy to attend the annual get together to mix around and get to know more about our family members.

       The executive committee is elected for 2 years and now we have around 50 members in the committee representing people from different branches. The President presides over the meeting and the guest delivers felicitation. Normally around 550 family members attend the meeting which is organized at a comfortable convenient place. The meetings are colorful with various sports activities and cultural entertainment with fellowship and food.

       We give educational scholar awards to the best performing students of our family from 10th and 12th and its sponsored in the names of Late Shri Ippora ,Palal and Late Mathai Ittoop and Mariamma Ittoop, Palal Kalappurayil in the form of Gold coins. We also give special attention in helping the poor and needy. We have a family book, telephone directory and now a website. Let us rejoice.