The great history of Kurinji St.Peter’s and St.Paul’s church, the power and strength of Palal family ,has got deep connection with Palal family History. It can be seen from the family history that after the death of Kalappuracal Abraham Achan, the Kalappuracal family shifted from Kolenchery church and built their own church during the Malayalam year 990( 1814 AD) and completed the work in 1816 AD. Almost after 50 years , in the year1866 the church was renovated and built the adjacent buildings and again during the year 1900 conducted Koodasa. Renovated Kurunjipalli was in the name of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, with 5 altars later came to be known as first of its kind in Malankara. Interior decorations and design fascinated everyone. Vicars Thuruthil Abraham Kathanar, Rev.Father Joseph Kuzhianjal, Rev. Fr Mathews Chenakode who were the vicars in the beginning and they are still remembered fondly for their long service to the church.

     From the very beginning to 1963 AD the administration of the church was managed by the Palal Family members only. In 1963 an agreement was made and the mastiff court approved it. The above said agreement was the constitution for the administration of the St.Peter’s and St.Paul’s church, Kurinji from 1963 onwards.

     According to this agreement a committee of 56 members was constituted out of which 28 permanent members (A) were from the Palal Family. The remaining 28(B) were elected representatives of the Parish members other than the Palal Family. From the year 1972 onwards out of the 28 managing committee members of the Palal Family only a few members attended the managing committee of the church and in due course with the consent and approval of the committee the members from the B list who were active came to the administration of the church. There after some disputes occurred with regard to it and the Hon. Court re-iterated the rights of the Palal Family in the Church.